What’s Left In Your Wallet?

What’s Left in Your Wallet?

What's left in your wallet?

I am going to pose the Capital One question to you.  What’s in your wallet?  If you have to pay the IRS, I guess I should ask “what’s left in your wallet?”  Yeah, just a nod to all my fellow taxpayers out there.  Are you one of few getting money back?  Do you owe “the man”?  If you’re getting a return, do you already have plans on what to do with it?  If you owe, did you know that was coming or was it a bit of a surprise? (I’m sorry if the answer to the question “what’s left in your wallet?” is “nothing”).  I believe that the answers to those questions reveal aspects of our personalities.

For instance, if you knew you were getting money back and have in place a plan on what to do with it, then you are probably:

  1. Self-assured
  2. A planner (obviously)
  3. A fairly tidy/neat person

If you were surprised that you owed, then you may be:

  1. Spontaneous
  2. A procrastinator
  3. Free-spirited

These are just my own personal opinions, lol!  They carry no weight whatsoever! I am just trying to make the heaviness of tax season a little lighter for my visitors.  But WHAT ARE you going to do if you owe?  Is it safe to say that you could use some extra money?  If asking you “what’s left in your wallet?” made you want to cry then you definitely want to read on.

What’s Left in Your Wallet?

“Could you use some extra money” might sound like a stupid question but I ask for a reason.  Listen, whether we like it or not, whether we understand it fully or not, crypto-currency is here to stay.  The Bitcoin may have ups or downs, but speculation is that it is only going to keep rising.  Now, seeing as how you owe money to the big “G,” you probably do not have any extra money.  So, investing in high-risk digital currency is probably nowhere on your list.  Well, why not earn some of that Bitcoin money for free?

what's left in your wallet?I am not joking AT ALL!  If you mine for Bitcoin, then Bitcoin costs you nothing.  I use a software on 2 of my computers (you can put it on up to 5 devices) that mines for Bitcoin for free.  Yeah, the software is 100% free!  It mines for Bitcoin 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  There are no upcharges, no solicitations to upgrade, no hidden fees…no nothing.  Now, I’m an honest person so I’ll tell you that it mines slowly, but who cares, it’s free!  I didn’t have to do anything but install the free software.

Your devices could be mining for Bitcoin in less than 3 minutes.  Make back what you paid out in taxes…maybe even more over time.  Why pass up the chance to not only make some free money but make it by getting in on Bitcoin?  Skepticism?  I get that, who isn’t skeptical when they see the word “free?”  But you will see for yourself that there are no fees as you fill out the simple form and get ready to press “install.”  Get yourself some Bitcoin and never again will a tear be shed when you ponder “what’s left in your wallet?”

Now, if you’re one of the fortunate few that is expecting a refund, CONGRATS!  You can still get in on the Bitcoin by having your devices mining for you all day, every day.  Even people with a lot of money want MORE MONEY!  And I know that just because you’re getting money back doesn’t mean you want to blow it.

Spend Wisely

If you do have some things you want to get for yourself like a new wardrobe, save here.  Maybe you want to breath new life into your home with some fresh new décor.  You will not blow your refund with the amazing online offers here.

I hope that this tax season is a good one for all of you.  But if you find yourself in a little bit ofwhat's left in your wallet? debt, it can be dissolved (and not with a BK either).  Use a little known 1933 Federal Government law to get your debts/bills paid by the Department of Treasury.

If you or anyone you know would like some easy and LEGIT work, check out my Employment & Jobs tab.

Please continue coming back.   I will keep adding new, unique and less expensive options for my community of visitors.

Now, don’t put it off any longer, go get those taxes done if you haven’t already!