Get a Gift & Give a Gift

Get a Gift & Give a Gift

get a gift & give a gift

There aren’t many things in life that compare to your wedding day.  Whether it’s a destination wedding, in your local place of worship or a jot down to city hall.  When you’re in love, the where doesn’t (or shouldn’t) really matter.  Not to say that a grand wedding with no expense spared isn’t the dream wedding of many.  But, at the end of the day, when you’re gah-gah, all that matters is the “I do.”

Weddings can be somewhat stressful.  Having worked in the bridal business for 7+ years, I know of what I speak.  I found that Brides often were most stressed when they lost focus on the more important matter.  That more important matter simply being that they were marrying the love of their life.

I definitely had many brides that talked more about it beingget a gift & give a gift “their day,” than it be “our” day.  They would totally forget about the groom!  There of course is the bride that cares more about the gifts.  Yes, there is always the one who wants the useless but ridiculously expensive crystal duck!  But, if you’re a bride who cares about the expense of gifts, then get a gift & give a gift. Give the gift of savings to those who want to get you a gift but perhaps don’t have a lot of money. A WEDDING REGISTRY HERE will accomplish a win-win situation for all.

While working with brides, the happiest most calm ones are always the ones who still care about others.  They care about the comfort of the aged ones coming to their wedding.  Care and concern is shown to the parents on both sides of the family, involving them as much as possible.  They make sure that their soon to be spouses opinions and suggestions are highly valued.  And most importantly, they remember that while the wedding is fun, it is just 1 day out of “forever.”  That age-old adage of “there’s more happiness in giving than there is in receiving,” continues to prove true.

Get a Gift & Give a Gift

Yes, gifts are wonderful to receive on ANY occasion.  But a wedding gift seems to carry a little more pinoche.  Why?  Because they are gifts that set the new couple up with necessities to begin their new lives together.  Often the gift is cash.  Cash helps the new couple perhaps pay off some of the debts incurred during wedding preparation.  There may even be enough cash to put a down payment on a new starter home.

get a gift & give a giftMany gifts are geared toward setting the new couple up in their home.  Gifts like small kitchen appliances are high up on the list of wants on a wedding registry.  Bedding is another gift that is frequently on the registry as well.  Try to remember though, tough economic times can hit anyone at any time.  So, why don’t you get a gift & give a gift.  If you REGISTER YOUR WEDDING with the largest online retailer, you’ll get great gifts while gift givers save.

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