Get Free Backstage Passes to Any Concert


Get free backstage passes to any concert

Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber…the upcoming Jay-Z & Beyonce concert, entertainment at its best!  There is nothing like getting close to the rock star of your infatuation.  I grew up with a cousin among the throngs of concert goers would cry and pass out.  Her love for Michael Jackson and LL Cool J was everything! LOL!

Maybe it’s the hope that you will be seen.  Perhaps the fantasy of being acknowledged by that Artist of your obsession thus changing your life forever.  I think that if my mother, yes my mother, ever gets to see Bruno Mars in person, she’ll never come home.  She is LOSING IT over Bruno Mars!  Yes, today’s heavy beats, artists with real singing chops and the artistry of their dance moves, sways younger and older hearts alike.

If I had to choose my favorite genre of music, it would be R&B.  However, I have a liking for many songs from various genres of music.  I love some Bon Jovi, Shania Twain, Carrie Underwood and Missy Elliott.  Consequently, I have a deep respect and love for music from different genres but also from different time periods.  I’m an 80s kid so if I hear a Bangles song or Cyndi Lauper…I crank up the radio and sing out loud!  Furthermore, I love music from that time because it wasn’t all about sex & violence.  It was about having fun, being a teenager, school dances and the occasional row with the parents.  Wow, only 30 years ago music was still pretty tame and appropriate for almost any listening ear.

Concerts haven’t changed significantly over the decades.  They are still fantastic shows of artistry and pyrotechnics.  Live singing (maybe not).  A line-up of A-listers and up & comers.  And music so loud it vibrates through your entire body.  Not to mention, the other concert goers that are your friends in synergy if nothing else.

Many artist’s today offer higher price or VIP tickets and you get to have a Meet & Greet.  Furthermore, those VIP tickets might get you backstage.  The concert-goers lifetime dream!  If that’s a dream of yours…read on, I will not disappoint you.

Dear Future Concert Insider:

This year’s average ticket price for the biggest worldwide tours was up 13.6 percent to $84.92, according to new figures from Pollstar, which tracks the concert business.

The top 50 tours, including U2, Bon Jovi and Lady Gaga, has grosses of $1.65 billion in only 6 months!

The Eagles brought in an average of $150.27, while Paul McCartney averages $152.38 per ticket.

Up and coming artists don’t charge as much (Katy Perry tickets $55 on average and Justin Bieber, an average of $67).  However, it’s still costs way too much to go to concerts on a regular basis!

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Get free backstage passes to any concert

Get free backstage passes to any concert


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