Debt is Stress, Stress Can Cause Death

Debt is Stress, Stress Can Cause Deathdebt is stress, stress causes death

I know that title is RIGHT IN YOUR FACE!  But debt is real.  Stress is real.  And death caused by stress is real my friends.  Debt is stress, stress CAN cause death.

Debt is swallowing people whole today.  And the only solution that seems to be available is filing for Bankruptcy.  But who wants that stain on their credit for 7 years?  Yes, times have changed, and a BK is not the financial death sentence it used to be, but still…right?

I am of the belief that “money is a protection.”  But whoever said that “money can’t buy happiness” probably didn’t have bills piling on top of them daily.  I mean, happiness no, but freedom yes and freedom makes us happy, right?

Debt is Stress, Stress Can Cause Death

debt is stress, stress can cause death

Money doesn’t buy happiness, we see that in the lives of many “rich & famous” who are miserable.  But what money CAN do is pay our bills.  That may not give us a rush of endorphins but it sure beats the misery of debt.  It is a fact that debt is stress, stress can cause death so let’s do something about it.

I don’t know anyone who is overjoyed when they CAN’T pay their bills. If there is a psychiatric condition that makes one look forward to a bankruptcy…no one has found it yet.

debt is stress, stress can cause deathMoney allows us to pay our bills and provide for our families.  With it we feel secure planning our futures.  It let’s us enjoy this big beautiful earth on which we live.

I wasn’t being overly dramatic with my title either.  This article in the Miami Herald gave very eye-opening information on how chronic stress is linked to death.  I wasn’t trying to be a downer.  I wanted your attention because, let’s say it together.  Debt is stress, stress can cause death. Read that article by clicking here:

Debt is swallowing people whole today!  And there seems to be no way out from under the mountain but to file for BK. But did you know that there is a Federal Government law that is in place to help?  It is a real debt solution hiding in plain sight.

It costs you nothing to read right?  And your debt is real right?  Ok, so educate yourself on how to get out of debt FOR REAL and have the Government help.

You have nothing to lose at all but your stress and debt.