Classic Sexy Feminine Fashions



classic sexy feminine fashions

Classic Sexy Feminine Fashions

Are you tired of seeing the same old, same old in fashions?  Wouldn’t you like to see some classic sexy feminine fashions that will help you stand out from the crowd?  I know birds of a feather flock together but does that mean that everybody has to dress in the same style and colors?

If you’re looking for something fresh and new, then you’ve come to the right place.  You will find classic sexy feminine fashions at this global online store.  Get the latest (almost daily) clothing in women’s fashions from the high-streets of New York, Paris, London, Shanghai, Tokyo at a favorable price.


Just because half of the country is blanketed in snow doesn’t mean we have to give up our personal style.  A particularly fashionable trend from 2017 that will stay a solid choice for 2018 is the long cardigan. You’ll basically be owning a knit or similar that is part sweater, part coat, and a little bit bohemian.

classic sexy feminine fashions


You can style your whole outfit around it, and the best thing is that it’s great for layering. That’s your best friend at any time, but when the weather is unpredictable, or you’re hopping between extremes of temperature, it’s your pal for life (well, for some time, anyway).

Nothing eases the pain of getting ready in the morning like having an arsenal of go-to outfits to fall back on. Whether it’s a classic dress and heels combo or an all-black outfit that’s anything but boring, we could all use some more outfit ideas for when we’re in a pinch.  Classic sexy feminine fashions can be a lacy camisole or an over-sized sweater that drapes just right.  Find those styles here:

Try mixing dressy with casual…

classic sexy feminine fasions

Or a Silk dress with an oversized cardigan

classic sexy feminine fashions

Let’s Gab About Fashion For a Sec…

For those of us obsessed with fashion, we look forward with great anticipation to the whirlwind that IS Fashion Month.  It takes over New York, Paris, London and Milan each year.  From our favorite designers we can find out what the coming trends will be (whether we can afford their designs or not is COMPLETELY irrelevant, lol).

The fall season didn’t only bring cooler temperatures.  This year’s fashion runways were filled with classic sexy feminine fashions and accessories that made our hearts skip a beat.

Now, I live in Arizona so from the staunch and death-blowing heat, I personally look forward to winter (yes 70’s degrees in January is considered winter here).  I love to see the stores introduce soft sweaters, warm coats and leather boots. I know I’m not alone so let’s see what’s in your closet…or what you need to add.

In order to keep up with some of the latest trends and some trends to come, I have watched the fashion shows, searched the web and browsed through the fashion mags.  I found classic sexy feminine fashions that are trending and because they’re classic, they look good all the time.  Here are some top trending fashions (in my opinion of course) and I wouldn’t steer you wrong.

Here are some classic sexy feminine fashions for women that I LOVE:

70s plaids:

Plaid is almost always popular for fall and winter and comes in varied colors like hues found in rainbows or tones that are more muted.


Embroidery has been a growing trend for some seasons now and doesn’t appear to be slowing down.

Ruffled sleeves:

I LOVE the femininity of Ruffles and they are making a comeback, you will see them on sweaters and blouses.


The trend of velvet appears to have staying power.  This fabric is often seen in jeweled tones or a muted color like gray and especially in black.

Vintage faux-fur:

While fur is popular every fall and winter, this year, we’ll see a resurgence in vintage-inspired coats and accessories in faux fur. Think cropped jackets with wide collars or 70s-era shag coats in bright colors.

Long layers:

Layering is always popular for fall and winter months and is an easy way to dress for the constantly changing temperatures. To give layering a fresh look, try a Duster jacket


A brand-new trend is in for this season: A 2017 take on utility jumpsuits. The one-piece look mainly just looks a lot like coveralls, but with a more feminine fit and modern details.

classic sexy feminine fashionsMidi skirts:

Mid-length skirts are very popular.  The calf-grazing skirt pairs nicely with a heel or a knee-high boot.


Wide-leg pants:

Wide-leg pants, both full-length and ankle-length styles are popular in a variety of fabrics and colors.

High-neck shirts:

The trend toward more covered-up clothing in women’s fashion continues with Victorian collar shirts.

Fishnet tights:classic sexy feminine fashions

Fishnet tights remain a trend for this fall, we are seeing them worn under jeans with holes in them.  We are seeing more and more of our favorite celebs rocking them in that way (thanks Kendall Jenner!).

Just Be Your Best You

So there you have it, just a run down of some trends to add to your wardrobe.  And you can find most, if not all of these fashions at very affordable prices.  Not everyone can afford a $4,000 blouse like the enviable pieces we may drool over from a Gucci runway.  Remember my fellow diva-fashionista’s, it’s not what you wearing or who designs it, it’s the confidence you exude when you wear it.

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