Bulimia Self-Help Recovery

Bulimia Self-help Recovery

bulimia self-help recovery

You’ve taken a first step in dealing with your eating disorderYou’ve admitted that you have a problem.  Bulimia self-help recovery can be a viable step in getting you back to your best self.    And now you are taking the bravest step, that of seeking help.  This disorder can have a life-threatening affect.  Be proud that you have taken this step to place value on your life.  This self-help is based on the tried and tested principles of the Bulimia Help Method Program.

What is Bulimia?*

Bulimia is an eating disorder most often defined by periods of binging.  bulimia self-help recoveryBinging is  defined as excessive overeating and purging all the food.  It can develop in persons who have a real fear of weight gain. Unbeknownst to many, not all persons with this eating disorder are under weight.  There are many known cases of some people being overweight or even obese.

Purging is a way to prevent weight gain.  Managing weight is also a reason people will purge their food. Get guidance so that you can stop binging, stop purging and make peace with food.  Bulimia self-help recovery begins here:

Bulimia is not a vanity flaw. It is a real and serious mental illness that requires treatment.  Getting help is the best option to do away with this disorder of eating.

Symptoms of Bulimia

  • Recurrent times of taking in large portions of food.  Following this “binging” episode, the person will induce vomiting.
  • A feeling of being out of control during the binge-eating times.
  • Body Image is at an obsessive level, with a high link to self-esteem

There can be other conditions existing alongside bulimia nervosa.

Some of these conditions are:

  • Self-injury (cutting and other forms of self-harm without suicidal intention)
  • Substance abuse
  • Impulsivity (risky sexual behaviors, shoplifting, etc.)

Bulimia Self-help Recovery

*The self-help recovery gives a practical checklist to eliminate binge urges and to bulimia self-help recoverydevelop a healthy relationship with food. This information is not a diagnosis.  You have to decide to seek help.  At the very least you will find here some self-help to aid in your healing.  Be proud of yourself, love yourself enough to get all the help you need at this time.  And let this bulimia self-help recovery program be a part of your fight back to good health.  Remember, there are healthy options and more natural ways to achieve weight loss. Come back and visit this site and look into those healthy options.  All the best in your restoration to good physical and mental health.