Beautiful Body-Positive Fashions

Beautiful Body-Positive Fashions!

beautiful body-positive fashions


Sports Illustrated was at the helm of national headlines in the earlier part of 2016 for finally featuring a plus-size model on the cover of its highly coveted Swimsuit edition.  Upon the cover’s reveal, editor MJ Day proclaimed, “Beauty is not cookie-cutter. Beauty is not ‘one size fits all.'” Beautiful body-positive fashions should be all inclusive.

You can say that again!  There are still debates on whether the term “plus size” is helping or hurting the body-positive movement of sexy, curvy women.  I say, if it looks good on you, SLAY IT!  I don’t think it’s always what you wear, or who designed it…it’s the confidence you exude in beautiful body-positive fashions WHATEVER you’re wearing. Beautiful body-positive fashions found here:

So, what is making brands finally pay attention? As in so many other cultural shifts, social media has a major role in it. On other social media stages, like Instagram and Twitter, women who have felt left out by the fashion industry are finally able to freely express their feelings.  They’re sharing body-positive selfies and hashtags and are taking on fashion brands by letting them know exactly what they think.

beautiful body-positive fashionsWomen of all shapes should be able to go shopping in the same stores.  We should all be able to wear the same designers.  Don’t we all deserve to have the fashion experience? Get the fashion experience by going here:

In 2017 more conversations about the plus-size or “curve” fashion industry took place.  The fashion industry is flourishing and positive taking steps toward inclusivity and representation. New York Fashion Week’s Spring 2018 runways showcased more plus-size models. There are events such as Curvy Con are indulging the plus community.  Brands like Chromat are becoming more inclusive in sizing and model representation.  Websites such as 11 Honoré are finally making high-fashion available to persons that were previously not a part.  There’s no doubt that the plus-size industry has caught on and will continue to flourish.

Love yourself first and other’s will follow suit.  If others don’t, then, due to the level of love you have for yourself, it will not matter.  I am just going to take it back to the early 90’s and saybeautiful body-positive fashions “YOU BETTA WORK.”  Wear it well ladies, be it in a size 18 or a size 4.  Beautiful body-positive fashions will make you feel good no matter what.  Wear bright bold colors on a maxi or switch it in that LBDFind bold colors and beautiful sexy dresses here:

beautiful body-positive fashionsOnce your closet is updated with these beautiful body-positive fashionson  your beauty skin-care products.