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There are SO many retailer’s and seller’s of all things Bath & Body!  It can be overwhelming at times.  However, that doesn’t stop me from buying or ordering just about anything that “looks” like it will help AND smell amazing!  Yes, I am one of those.  I think I can just tell if something is going to be good for my skin and leave me smelling amazing at the same time.  Yes, the headline or capture of a product plays into my purchase as well.  But if I see the words, “intoxicating,” “all-natural,” “botanical,” “superior moisture,” or the like, they’ve got my money. LOL!

I am admittedly a toiletry junky.  I could open my own store with all of the unopened products that I’ve built up over the years.  And I do kind of have a store, it’s just that it’s free.  Yes, my girlfriends come over, they go to my huge bathroom cabinets and leave with bags full of products.  Products for body, hair and face.  Sad part is that my inventory is like chinese food.  No matter how much they take out, there’s still A LOT left.  Seems like they didn’t take a thing, lol!

I love to be able to supply my friends with great products.  If you read any of my other blog articles, you know I kind of have an affinity for costly items.  But, even though I have a love for Orogold products, I also LOVE drug store products.

If you want to treat and pamper your skin like, these Artisan soaps will not disappoint you.  Please, read on and indulge!

The Perfect Gift ANYTIME for ANYONE

Artisan soap

Artisan soap made by SoakCreek has made it their duty to use only the finest ingredients in their products. They are fastidious about keeping their products free of synthetic fragrances, dyes and other harsh chemicals. SoapCreek ensures a more natural approach to body care. You are getting essential oils, natural clays, minerals, butters, and herbs found in traditional body care products.

We have located the best Artisan Soap and Soap Products ever!  Visit the SoapCreek site to experience their approach to more natural skin care.  We are personally huge fans and will be using and gifting these for years to come.



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The magnificence of the sphere in which we live inspires us. It is our untiring mission to deliver a little piece of the beauty we experience every day.  We do so by creating an unequaled artisan product bursting with the vibrancy of nature. We are zealous about promoting good health and a green planet.  So, our motive is to create the very finest natural body care products. We mix each batch of soap meticulously by hand then lovingly shape it into a unique artistic design. Our products are not only pleasing to the eye, but are brimming over with completely natural essential nutrients and luscious moisturizing agents.  Go HERE to discover the best in artisan soaps:


Our Commitment:

We have made it our duty to use only the finest ingredients in our products. SoapCreek is  fastidious about keeping products free of synthetic fragrances, dyes and other harsh chemicals to ensure a more natural approach to body care.  Ingredients include essential oils, natural clays, minerals, butters, and herbs in place of harmful chemicals found in traditional body care products.


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Our earth is precious to us so we make every effort to preserve and replenish the life-giving resources it offers. We are careful to use minimal packaging from renewable sources. We only use sustainable plant resources in our products. Visit HERE to get your eco-friendly artisan soaps:

The SoapCreek Process


How does hand mixed and poured improve the product quality?  We live in an age where most personality is lost with high tech software and equipment. Most labor intensive jobs are farmed out to cheap labor out of country. We dedicate Soapcreek to you by bringing you old fashioned quality and craftsmanship the original American way. Hand mixing allows an actual person to oversee every step of the soap-making process. They ensure that the right ingredients get added at the proper time and in the proper amounts.  This also verifies that the mixing is thorough and complete. Hand pouring brings out the artistic side of people just like a professional chef gets creative in a kitchen that is stocked with the best of ingredients.


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What criteria do we use to choose our ingredients?  Quality, Quality, Quality. While some companies tend to cut corners with less expensive ingredients, we started ours with the idea in mind to make the very best. From the base oils to the essential oils we order in samples and test them in small batches to see how the effect the finished product. For instance we tried eight different lavender oils before finding the one that met our expectations for a finished product. Our motto is to begin with the end in mind. For the best product of beautifully-crafted artisan soaps, VISIT HERE:

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How is the Artisan soap helping to replenish oils or moisture to the skin that other soaps remove?  One of the modern soap making processes is to remove the glycerin from the oils before the soap making occurs. The use of the coveted glycerin is in many other applications from the food industry to beauty products. At Soapcreek we leave the naturally occurring glycerin in our food grade oils, retaining it in the finished product.  We make what we believe is a superior product. We carefully calculate the amount of each of the olive, coconut, rice-bran oils we use in the soap to give you a moisture rich lather that leaves a lotion-like nourishment when bathing is complete.


What is aromatherapy exactly for someone who doesn’t understand what it means?  Aromatherapy by definition is using pure plant oils for psychological and physical well-being.  What are you waiting for…GO HERE to get your SoapCreek artisan soaps:

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