110 Fat Burning Recipes for the Family

110 Fat Burning Recipes for the Family

Hi, my name is Tisha and I am a food-aholic.  All together now…HI TISHA!  Yes, in all seriousness, I am absolutely addicted to food.  I have struggled with my weight since about age 18.  I have battled with eating disorders and still struggle these many years later.

Being in beauty pageants and modeling for over a decade was the catalyst to my yo-yo dieting.  Nothing worse to me than my model friends that could eat anything and not gain an ounce.  UGGHHH!  Not me, just LOOKING at rice would put 10-lbs on my short 5’5 ½” frame!

I did discover a sure-fire way to lose weight and that was the Atkins diet.  I discovered that my chemical make-up is one that is highly sensitive to carbs.  And boy oh boy did I LOVE findng out about Atkins.  I could eat many of my favorite foods and not low-fat versions either.  Sour cream, cheeses, pork, chicken and so on because it’s a high protein way of eating.  Admittedly I have been on and off Atkins MANY times in my adult life.  Even though I know it will work without fail, I still struggle to stick to it for very long-time periods.  Though I can eat many of my favorites on Atkins, tell me something I CAN’T have and that’s what I’ll want!  I know I’m not alone here.

Many of my Facebook friends are battling the bulge.  Many of them are my old high school friends.  They, like me, 20+ years later have found ourselves barely resembling our younger selves.  And they, like me, are resolved to end this battle once and for all.

I have found that if I can turn a favorite high-carb dish into a low-carb version, I am very happy.  It’s a lot easier to do than many would think.  With the market now flooded with low-carb versions of EVERYTHING, it has gotten much easier.  Meals that are traditionally higher in carbs can be turned into lower or low carb versions.  When you do this, you’ve made yourself a true fat-burning meal!

110 Fat burning Recipes for the family

Use These 110 Fat Burning Recipes for the family.  Quickly prepare healthy, wholesome fat burning meals for your entire family. Get fat burning recipes here:

110 fat burning recipes for the family

Kids are becoming obese at a much younger age and at a much faster rate than any generation before them.  You only need to look at the sharp increase of childhood diabetes – which, up until now, was nearly unheard of.

This translates into a less vibrant life riddled with complicated health concerns that can ultimately culminate in heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, amputations, blindness, and death at an early age.

What we feed our kids significantly influences their health, quality of life, and ultimately their lifespan.

Our families are in crisis… WE hold the power to save them.

No longer can we blindly believe what the big “for profit” companies say about their foods. Food advertisers have a serious conflict of interest because they have something to sell you whether it’s healthy or not. It’s up to us to do what’s right for the health of our kids and our families.

Traditional family meals are based around processed grains, unhealthy fats, sugar-filled items and contain low quality protein. This is a recipe for disaster.

Here are the 3 main problems with mainstream family meals:
#1: Traditional family meals are built around fattening ingredients.
#2: These traditional family meals are lacking in fiber.
#3: Family meals contain way too many calories.


110 Fat Burning Recipes for the Family


Finding 110 fat burning recipes for the family that everyone will like can often be a challenge.  But if our family’s health is not worth rising to the challenge, then what is? Please go here for 110 fat burning recipes for the family

It’s no surprise that new medical science is finding that gluten, dairy, and table sugar are the top three toxic ingredients.

In fact, today more than ever these three toxic ingredients are also packed into everyday food that are labeled as healthy, wholesome, and low fat – and that’s why our families are suffering with low energy and excessive weight gain.

Unfortunately, the increased levels in consumption of these toxic ingredients are literally killing our families. In fact, for the first time in modern history our kids have a lower life expectancy than we do.  If that’s not scary then what is?

3 Reasons why our families need these 110 Fat Burning recipes for the family.

1: Family friendly fat burning meals include fat burning ingredients in every recipe so that you can lose the unwanted weight and get back to looking and feeling the way you’ve always wanted.

2: These 110 fat burning recipes for the family are naturally rich in fiber and full of flavor. You will not be preparing these recipes with artificial flavors or chemical enhancements like most store-bought foods.

3: The 110 delicious fat burning recipes for the family are naturally lower in calories, carbohydrates, and fats.  They also have greater amounts of bio-available nutrients so that your family gets all of the flavor without getting fat or the bloat.

Here are some of the 110 fat burning recipes for the family that will have your family in good health and asking for seconds. Go here for recipes:

110 Fat Burning Recipes for the Family