BREAK Spring Break High-Priced Travel

BREAK Spring Break High-Priced Travel

break spring break

It’s the season…SPRING BREAK…woo hoo!  I don’t know why I said “woo hoo,” I’m not going, lol!  Time for students, mostly seniors, to exercise their independence and NOT think about school.  It’s a time to get to know yourself a little bit better.  Even a time to develop maturity (somewhat) as you prepare for adulthood.  Spring break is tradition and is probably what seniors look forward to even more than graduation.  When in High School, the main spring break stomping grounds were Florida and Mexico.  I believe that those are still the main favorite places to go.

I would love to say, “been there, done that” but I didn’t get to go on spring break, couldn’t afford it.  Way too expensive.  Wish there were prices back then like there are now with AMAZING companies like THIS ONE!  They will beat anyone’s prices and break the spring break high-priced travel.  Maybe if I could have gotten a hotel room on Miami Beach for only $99 a night I would have gone.

BREAK Spring Break High-Priced Travel

break spring breakYes, it’s that time of year where many travel sites and companies will SAY they have great deal’s, but they really don’t.  The trick is to raise travel & lodging prices RIGHT BEFORE spring break season. Then when travel companies come back down to their average pricing, it looks like you’re getting a great deal.   Don’t fall for that old advertising trick.  Break the spring break high-priced travel by booking with a reputable company that ALWAYS has the lowest prices.  See some of their jaw-dropping packages here.

Here’s what you can look forward to if you break spring break high-priced travel with us:

Guaranteed Savings:

Great Vacation Packages:

Worry Free Booking:

  • We Have an Accredited Business with The Better Business Bureau.
  • More Customer Review Videos Than Any Other Travel Site!
  • Get 24-hour support before, during and after your trip.

I know that you will also need the hottest and most fashionable swimsuits!break spring break  And of course, I have the BEST and LOWEST prices on that too!  GO HERE for swimsuits and bikini’s starting as low as $7.59!!  Yes, along with great prices on your trip, you can shop til you drop for spring break fashions here as well.  Whether you need swimsuits or stunning apparel, you will not find lower prices on great fashions anywhere else.

Don’t want to take down the Spring Break excitement buzz, but I wouldn’t be responsible if I didn’t kick in my tips for safe spring break fun:

  1. ALWAYS let someone know where you are and with whom you’re hanging
  2. ALWAYS keep valuables in your room safe
  3. NEVER let others see what’s in your purse/wallet
  4. DO NOT constantly be on your Smart Phone (“out-of-towners” are targets for robbery)
  5. If you are of legal drinking age, NEVER have your drink out of your site (NOT FOR A SECOND)
  6. NEVER go off by yourself
  7. And I can’t believe I have to say this but NEVER, EVER go off with someone you do not know, NOT EVEN a pretty/handsome face!

Come back home safe and well with a beautiful tanned glow or just relaxed and ready to finish the school year.

break spring break

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Alt Aid May Help Cancer, Seizures & More

Alt Aid May Help Cancer, Seizures & More

alt aid

Research showing this alt aid may help cancer, seizures, heart disease & more.  Recent decades confirm this oil could be effective in several health problems. This oil may do so without the unhealthy side effects.

It is just in the most recent decade that many investigations confirm that CBD oil may work.  It may work for an extensive variety of ailments including schizophrenia and anxiety.  Research also showing this alt aid may help cancer, seizures, heart disease & more.

alt aidNumerous exams in most recent decades give proof that the CBD compound is helpful.  It is showing effective in the treatment of extreme epilepsy.  It may also have a part to play in treating a variety of different afflictions as well.  Worth mentioning again, this alt aid may help cancer, seizures, heart disease & more.


Alt Aid May Help Cancer, Seizures, Heart Disease & More

Most patients want to evade the psychoactive impacts of THC. As a result, many are turning to CBD oil extract from hemp plants.  These plants don’t contain enough THC to be of enthusiasm for the recreational market.  And as a fact, the plants do contain the CBD cannabinoid.  And this alt aid may help cancer, seizures, heart disease & more.

Talt aidhe press contributes to the tarring of CBD by joining it with the same brush as THC. It is refreshing to see the Washington Post setting the record straight.


So Many Beneficial Uses!

alt aid

“This is a really powerful compound,” says Mikhail Kogan. He is the medical director of the George Washington University Center for Integrative Medicine. “I see it work for a lot of my patients.” He prescribes high-CBD strains of cannabis regularly.  He does so for such illnesses as epilepsy and post-traumatic stress disorder.  He also prescribes it for anxiety, autoimmune disorders, autism and insomnia.

To read this article, see reference to “The Washington Post” below.

Reference (1): The Washington Post


Supermodel Reveals Her Beauty Splurge!

Supermodel Reveals Her Beauty Splurge

supermodel reveals her beauty splurgeDo You “GlamGlow?”  Sports Illustrated’s 2018supermodel reveals her beautySwimsuit cover model Danielle Herrington does!  This Supermodel reveals her beauty splurge and guess what…WE CAN GET IT TOO!  In fact, if you just want to get it on its way to your front door…get your “Glow” on by going HERE:

Yahoo Lifestyle has quoted the model as having said that she has a very “low-key beauty routine…my only splurge is the GlamGlow mask, which I use a lot.” (1)

You don’t have to be a model to have beautiful skin.  Be your best you in your best skin.  Get this amazing product at incredible discounted prices HERE:

supermodel reveals her beauty splurgesupermodel reveals beauty splurge

When a Supermodel reveals her beauty splurge (and we can afford it), we should grab it!  Whether we like it or not, they do admittedly have the “in” on what are great products.

Now just to make sure that you are well covered with regards to GREAT skin care.  Read on to find out a few other ways to get skin that glows.

supermodel reveals beauty splurgesupermodel reveals her beauty splurge

Different skin care experts give different opinions on what can give us a glowing complexion.  Here are the 7 most commonly used “secrets” to that glow no matter the skin type:


beauty splurgeFresh greens such as arugula, kale and collards oxygenate the body and skin unlike any topical you can apply. Protein provides skin cells with the building blocks they require to turn over effectively and maintain hydration.


We all know that a lack of sleep can have a terrible affect on the skin, Supermodel reveals her beauty splurgeespecially our face.  Dark under eye circles can be easy to get from lack of sleep but hard to get rid of.  However, once asleep, the skin does its most crucial repair work including production of collagen and elastin, the skin’s connective tissue responsible for firmness, tone and elasticity.

Do Not Pick (as in pick at pimples that is):

The temptation to pick at pimples or pop them can, and usually does, lead to scarring.  Picking at your skin can also magnify redness, and the spread of bacteria (which can create secondary infections). So, as hard as it may be to resist, PLEASE DO.  Do NOT pick at your skin…especially on your face!

Clean It:

Sounds simplistic huh?  But you want to clean your face like you really care about it.  And you are reading this post because you DO really care.  Your skin takes care of you so return the favor.  Baby it.  I like the illustration that Ms. Jennifer Kramer, founder of Corrective Skincare, used:  “Imagine washing a pan full of grease. If you don’t take your time and wash it thoroughly, the grease and oil will still be left in the spots you didn’t pay attention to.”  Another helpful tip would be to spritz a hydrating mist on your skin after washing.  There are awesome facial cleansers HERE at bargain prices.  Wouldn’t you like to have beautiful skin like Danielle Herrington? This Supermodel reveals her beauty splurge and it is deeply discounted if you GO HERE:

Give Special Attention to Your Eyes:

Fine lines start at the eye, but can go all the way to your hairline.  So, apply eye cream from the bottom corner of the inner eye all the way out to the cheekbone and hair line. Don’t forget up and around the lid.


beauty splurgeThere are a few advantages of “icing.”  When you put ice on a breakout, it reduces redness and inflammation. Ice can also be used as an exfoliant. Just remember, please, that you have to keep ice moving. Don’t hold it in one spot, it can burn like heat can. Throw a little aloe vera in the water before freezing it.

Oils Made for Skin:

You can always get a “faux” glowing complexion if you need super quick illumination.  Get a good oil for the face.  You will get immediate nourishment along with a non-greasy, non-oily glow.  Use it alone or mix it with your tinted moisturizer and you will have instant glow!

Thanks Danielle Herrington!  The Supermodel reveals her skin care splurge that enhances her beauty.  And we can do the same.  Model or not, be your best you in your best skin and get your “GlamGlow” on HERE!

Supermodel Reveals Her Beauty SplurgeOnce you get your “Glow” ordered, come backSupermodel Reveals Her Beauty Splurge here to Sha’s Comforts & Luxuries to shop for nice attireStunning attire at the lowest prices on apparel online.



Reference 1: Yahoo Lifestyle:

Tiny House Puts Money Back in your Pocket

Tiny House Puts Money Back in your Pocket

tiny house

Is there a tiny house movement?  Appears so.  The tiny house trend has moved from just that, a trend, into a movement.  A tiny house equals a simpler life especially when you consider that so much of our lives goes into our physical house. So a tiny house puts money back in your pocket.  You can put more than 50% of your paycheck back in your pocket.

The tiny house is a social movement where people are choosing to downsize the personal homes in which they live.  The average home in this country is around 2,600 square feet.  Research shows that the average tiny house is anywhere between 100 and 400 square feet. The typical average cost of a single-family home is about $290,000 (see chart).  Paying that amount over 30-years with cost of living, home repairs and interest can reach over a million dollars!  Come on, tell me you wouldn’t rather have 50% of your paycheck back in your pocket.  That can be achieved because a tiny house puts money back in your pocket!

Despite misconceptions, tiny houses come in all shapes, sizes, and forms.  The tiny house equals simple life and lend themselves to its owner living simpler in a smaller more efficient space.

There are many reason that people choose to downsize and join the tiny house movement.  Many agree that a tiny house equals simple life.  And some of the other reasons are:

  1. Environmental concerns
  2. Financial concerns
  3. The desire for more time and freedom

Tiny House Puts Money Back in Your Pocket

tiny house

Most Americans spend up to ½ of their hard-earned income on their houses.  That equals working 15 years just to pay for it!  If that’s not worrisome enough for you to consider downsizing, how about the fact that 76% of us is living paycheck to paycheck.  Research shows that a whopping 78% of tiny house people own their home!  Go from paying over $2000/month for rent or mortgage to nothing.  A tiny house puts money back in your pocket!

A great solution to those issues might just be to live smaller.  A tiny house may not be for everyone.  There are lessons to learn to escape the cycle of debt that about 70% of people are trapped in. By the way, if you are struggling with debt, there is a REAL solution.  Their is a sector of the Government that can eradicate your debt (and it’s not a BK).  Information for this way to get out of debt with the Government’s help is here.

Tiny Houses Are Here to Stay

The increasing movement of tiny houses being utilized is growing more and more.  It has gained the attention of the international audience.  The media has given a lot of attention to the movement as well.  Media outlets such as CNN, AP, Guardian, Huffington Post, NBC, Oprah, PBS and more, has aided people in learning this alternate way to live.

If you are seriously considering becoming the owner of a tiny house, try not to let fear set in.  We live a world that tells us “bigger is better,” and “more is better.”  We grow up conditioned to then want bigger and more.  It can be very difficult to overcome what is viewed as “normal.”  Tiny houses fly right in the face of what society has taught us we should hold dear and have pride in. When faced with the prospect of bucking the system, it can be a little nerve-racking.  Initiating a radical lifestyle change, and spending a good chunk of money to do it, can also bring up some fears.  But only you know what’s right for you and/or your family.  A tiny house puts money back in your pocket.  Anyone will agree that putting 50% (or more) of your money back in your pocket would serve anyone well.

Pull the trigger on downsizing your debt and life.  Decide to upgrade and enjoy your life due to the freedom of owning a tiny home.  And there will be no need to overspend on home décor.  Save money on everything you will need to make your new tiny house a warm and inviting home. HOME DÉCOR & MORE HERE

When You Look Good, You Feel Good

When You Look Good, You Feel Good…

…here’s how I feel about that line…WHAAATTT???

look good feel good


That’s a line from a new commercial on television. I do not agree with that AT ALL!  So much so that I feel the need to write about it!  Again, the line is, “when you look good, you feel good.”  Does anyone else other than me disagree with that?  Doesn’t it make more sense that when you FIRST feel good, THEN you look good?  I’m sure that I am over-thinking this but I think that our little girls get enough self-esteem killers today.  I’m not going to get all political on you, I just want to know what you think.

I know for me, if I don’t feel good, I certainly don’t have any extra energy to make myself look like I’m on the red carpet.  I’m good if I can muster up halfway decent.  My decent is a pony (a ponytail), my stretch slim-fit exercise pants in black and a sweater, if I just have to venture outdoors.  If I “look good” it’s because I may be having a low-pain day.  I suffer from a herniated disc in my lower back as well as RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) also know as CRPS II.  And before my fellow female peers want to burn torches outside my house. I’m not saying that we only look good if we have eyelashes flapping past our eyebrows. Pouty bee-stung lips. Or a bang hanging over 1 eye.  I mean looking good as in a happy disposition.  Maybe glowing skin (and not from throwing up all day), and shoulders not hunched over in an “I give up,” position.

“When You Look Good, You Feel Good”

PHOOEY on that!  I just don’t think that that’s true.  I have had rare moments where I wasn’t feeling good and managed to not look like I went 12 rounds.  Putting on some MAC Lip Glass and making sure my edges were perfectly matted down, did make my countenance perk up.  Stood up a little straighter, ok.  Maybe un-furrowed by brows but LOOKING a tiny bit better did NOT make me feel better.

look good feel goodI’m not saying that when I am having bad days that I look like death warmed over, but I certainly do not look good.

I am sticking to my guns here, lol.  If we FEEL good, be it physical, emotional or mental, then our outer appearance reflects that.  Placing looking good before feeling good to me is not the right message.  But this is just my opinion.  No one has to agree with me. I certainly am always open to hearing other people’s thoughts even about MY opinions.  So, if you do believe that when you look good, you feel good, ok.  Just give me your secret to that.

If you’re having a day you’re not feeling your best (and again, I don’t just mean physically), try:
  1. A warm bath with a few drops of essential oils to relax and calm the senses
  2. Having a glass of wine (a moderate amount of wine and that bath will go nicely together)
  3. Exercising a little bit to amp up the endorphins
  4. Making a favorite recipe and dig in
  5. Reading to your children, then steal all of their hugs & kisses
  6. Grabbing your cat or dog and just love on them
  7. Calling a true friend and let them know what you’re going through
  8. Putting on a favorite classic movie and get cozy up under your favorite blanket
  9. Buying yourself that dress, blouse or handbag you want (retail therapy is real!)
  10. Prayer.  If you’re a praying person…do this first
  11. Giving yourself a nice mini-facial
  12. If convenient, taking a little trip for a weekend to just get away
  13. Crying it out (I mean like a Kim Kardashian cry it out)  look good feel good

Just some things that have worked for me.

I don’t think when you look good, you feel good.  I believe that if you feel good, you look good.

If you’re not feeling your best, I am glad you stopped by and I hope you are back to 100% soon.

An Arizona Winter is a Mid-West Summer

An Arizona Winter is a Mid-West Summer

Seriously…how long are you going to live like this?

an arizona winter is a mid-west summer

Hello to all my Michigan family and friends!  Actually, hello to all of my fellow mid-westerners!

Now, come on people…it is about to climb in the 80’s over here in Arizona in JANUARY NO LESS!  That is unseasonably hot even for “death-a-zona” as I’ve so dubbed it!  So, an Arizona winter is a mid-west summer!

Oh how I remember those blistering cold Michigan winters!  I recall being a kid of 10 building “igloos” or snow-forts in 20 below.  I also remember believing that sitting inside of our “igloo” was actually an arizona winter is a mid-west summersomehow warmer than being “outside.”  IDIOT!  But, the innocence of youth right?  I also remember wearing 2, sometimes 3 pairs of gloves and my fingers were STILL just this side of purple.  One of my funniest memories was putting my fresh out of the boot feet up the shirts of my 3 younger siblings!  I am cracking up right now!  The way they’d arch their backs in a frozen stance and yell out in protest, “STOP T!” would have me crying laughing.  Ahhh, good times.  Thanks Poo, Bay and May-May for always letting me thaw my blocks of ice on your flesh.  Love you!

Anyway, I hope that the millions of you that are snowed-in right now are paying attention.  There is a viable solution…become a “snow-bird.”  That means that as soon as it drops into the 50’s over there, you haul it this way!  You lock up that house and high-tail it on over here to the desert for a few months.  Wouldn’t you agree that with it about to be 81 degrees in January, that an Arizona winter is a mid-west summer?

A lot of people are under the false impression that there is not a lot to do here.  WRONG!  There IS beauty in the desert (and I ain’t talkin’ bout a hand-sized Tirantula either, that is NOT beauty).  And yes, I said “ain’t,” deal with it, lol!

Here is some breath-taking beauty that will certainly motivate you who do agree that an Arizona winter is a mid-west summer.  Take a gander at what you could be doing if you had gotten out before the mountain terrain of snow took you hostage:

an arizona winter is a mid-west summerThe Antelope Canyon:

There are very few geological structures as striking as Antelope Canyon.  It is a slot canyon located east of Page in Northern, AZ.  Antelope Canyon has towering walls that wind up to 120 feet above the an arizona winter is a mid-west summerstreambed.  It is truly a majestic sandstone sculpture that is to be beheld.  It is the development of what is reported to be millions of years of water erosion.  With its red-hued, swirling sandstone, it invokes reverence and awe.

an arizona winter is a mid-west summer

Visit the official website at: for tips on how best to photograph this magnificent work of nature.  Other great information to help book your travel located here as well.

an arizona winter is a mid-west summerGrand Canyon Skywalk:

If you’re not afraid of heights, this tour might be for you. I personally an arizona winter is a mid-west summergot dizzy just looking at the pictures, so I’ll see you back on the ground (not that anyone invited me anyway).

Horseshoe-shaped bridge made of glass allowing visitors to walk 4,000 ft above the canyon floor.

an arizona winter is a mid-west summerThe Skywalk is east of Meadview and north of Peach Springs with Kingman being the closest city of some size.

Visit the official website for hours and directions:

An Arizona Winter is a Mid-West Summer

an arizona winter is a mid-west summerHavasu Falls:

Well shut my mouth and call me Flo!  I had no idea that water actually existed in this state THAT IS THE SUN!  Well who knew that such a gorgeous waterfall could flow here?  Well, probably many of you knew but I didn’t.  I always picture water immediately an arizona winter is a mid-west summerevaporating as soon as it hits ground in this state.  Sorry for my narrow mind, it’s just that this was a desert for a reason.  And it should have stayed a barren desert for the snakes and the scorpions.

But anyway, take a look at the breath-taking beauty of the Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon.  Now if this isn’t worth becoming a snow-bird, I don’t know what it is.  Do you agree yet that an Arizona winter is a mid-west summer?

an arizona winter is a mid-west summer

Havasu Falls is a waterfall of Havasu Creek, located in the Grand Canyon, Arizona, United States. It is within Havasupai tribal lands. – Wikipedia

Desert Botanical Garden:

The Desert Botanical Garden offers the world’s most exceptional compilation of arid plants.  an arizona winter is a mid-west summerThey are brought in from deserts around the world and are situated in a setting outdoors.  The Garden has an arizona winter is a mid-west summermore than 50,000 desert plants on display throughout five thematic trails.  The themes illustrate topics such as conservation, desert living, plants and people of the Sonoran Desert, and desert wildflowers.

an arizona winter is a mid-west summer

The Desert Botanical Garden is a 140 acres botanical garden located in Papago Park, at 1201 N. Galvin Parkway in Phoenix, central Arizona. – Wikipedia

Visit their official website to plan your trip:

So, my fellow mid-westerner’s, what else do I need to say to convince you that an Arizona winter is a mid-west summer?  How many more feet of snow must you endure before you break on through to the other side? (Isn’t that a song?)

I’m really not trying to rub it in that an Arizona winter is a mid-west summer but, hey, it is what it is.  Just get over here.  You’ll wonder why you waited so long.

In case you need more incentive for booking your trip, there are ways to always save on airfare and travel.  From bottom-floor savings on airport parking to little known insider info on how to always get cheap airline tickets!

What’s Left In Your Wallet?

What’s Left in Your Wallet?

What's left in your wallet?

I am going to pose the Capital One question to you.  What’s in your wallet?  If you have to pay the IRS, I guess I should ask “what’s left in your wallet?”  Yeah, just a nod to all my fellow taxpayers out there.  Are you one of few getting money back?  Do you owe “the man”?  If you’re getting a return, do you already have plans on what to do with it?  If you owe, did you know that was coming or was it a bit of a surprise? (I’m sorry if the answer to the question “what’s left in your wallet?” is “nothing”).  I believe that the answers to those questions reveal aspects of our personalities.

For instance, if you knew you were getting money back and have in place a plan on what to do with it, then you are probably:

  1. Self-assured
  2. A planner (obviously)
  3. A fairly tidy/neat person

If you were surprised that you owed, then you may be:

  1. Spontaneous
  2. A procrastinator
  3. Free-spirited

These are just my own personal opinions, lol!  They carry no weight whatsoever! I am just trying to make the heaviness of tax season a little lighter for my visitors.  But WHAT ARE you going to do if you owe?  Is it safe to say that you could use some extra money?  If asking you “what’s left in your wallet?” made you want to cry then you definitely want to read on.

What’s Left in Your Wallet?

“Could you use some extra money” might sound like a stupid question but I ask for a reason.  Listen, whether we like it or not, whether we understand it fully or not, crypto-currency is here to stay.  The Bitcoin may have ups or downs, but speculation is that it is only going to keep rising.  Now, seeing as how you owe money to the big “G,” you probably do not have any extra money.  So, investing in high-risk digital currency is probably nowhere on your list.  Well, why not earn some of that Bitcoin money for free?

what's left in your wallet?I am not joking AT ALL!  If you mine for Bitcoin, then Bitcoin costs you nothing.  I use a software on 2 of my computers (you can put it on up to 5 devices) that mines for Bitcoin for free.  Yeah, the software is 100% free!  It mines for Bitcoin 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  There are no upcharges, no solicitations to upgrade, no hidden fees…no nothing.  Now, I’m an honest person so I’ll tell you that it mines slowly, but who cares, it’s free!  I didn’t have to do anything but install the free software.

Your devices could be mining for Bitcoin in less than 3 minutes.  Make back what you paid out in taxes…maybe even more over time.  Why pass up the chance to not only make some free money but make it by getting in on Bitcoin?  Skepticism?  I get that, who isn’t skeptical when they see the word “free?”  But you will see for yourself that there are no fees as you fill out the simple form and get ready to press “install.”  Get yourself some Bitcoin and never again will a tear be shed when you ponder “what’s left in your wallet?”

Now, if you’re one of the fortunate few that is expecting a refund, CONGRATS!  You can still get in on the Bitcoin by having your devices mining for you all day, every day.  Even people with a lot of money want MORE MONEY!  And I know that just because you’re getting money back doesn’t mean you want to blow it.

Spend Wisely

If you do have some things you want to get for yourself like a new wardrobe, save here.  Maybe you want to breath new life into your home with some fresh new décor.  You will not blow your refund with the amazing online offers here.

I hope that this tax season is a good one for all of you.  But if you find yourself in a little bit ofwhat's left in your wallet? debt, it can be dissolved (and not with a BK either).  Use a little known 1933 Federal Government law to get your debts/bills paid by the Department of Treasury.

If you or anyone you know would like some easy and LEGIT work, check out my Employment & Jobs tab.

Please continue coming back.   I will keep adding new, unique and less expensive options for my community of visitors.

Now, don’t put it off any longer, go get those taxes done if you haven’t already!

Debt is Stress, Stress Can Cause Death

Debt is Stress, Stress Can Cause Deathdebt is stress, stress causes death

I know that title is RIGHT IN YOUR FACE!  But debt is real.  Stress is real.  And death caused by stress is real my friends.  Debt is stress, stress CAN cause death.

Debt is swallowing people whole today.  And the only solution that seems to be available is filing for Bankruptcy.  But who wants that stain on their credit for 7 years?  Yes, times have changed, and a BK is not the financial death sentence it used to be, but still…right?

I am of the belief that “money is a protection.”  But whoever said that “money can’t buy happiness” probably didn’t have bills piling on top of them daily.  I mean, happiness no, but freedom yes and freedom makes us happy, right?

Debt is Stress, Stress Can Cause Death

debt is stress, stress can cause death

Money doesn’t buy happiness, we see that in the lives of many “rich & famous” who are miserable.  But what money CAN do is pay our bills.  That may not give us a rush of endorphins but it sure beats the misery of debt.  It is a fact that debt is stress, stress can cause death so let’s do something about it.

I don’t know anyone who is overjoyed when they CAN’T pay their bills. If there is a psychiatric condition that makes one look forward to a bankruptcy…no one has found it yet.

debt is stress, stress can cause deathMoney allows us to pay our bills and provide for our families.  With it we feel secure planning our futures.  It let’s us enjoy this big beautiful earth on which we live.

I wasn’t being overly dramatic with my title either.  This article in the Miami Herald gave very eye-opening information on how chronic stress is linked to death.  I wasn’t trying to be a downer.  I wanted your attention because, let’s say it together.  Debt is stress, stress can cause death. Read that article by clicking here:

Debt is swallowing people whole today!  And there seems to be no way out from under the mountain but to file for BK. But did you know that there is a Federal Government law that is in place to help?  It is a real debt solution hiding in plain sight.

It costs you nothing to read right?  And your debt is real right?  Ok, so educate yourself on how to get out of debt FOR REAL and have the Government help.

You have nothing to lose at all but your stress and debt.


Missing Life in Los Angeles

Missing Life in Los Angeles

missing life in los angeles

I am really missing life in L.A.  I miss being back there and today I am feeling especially nostalgic.  A wonderful friend of mine named Lois gave me the money to move.  She always supported my dreams.  Lois is the one that got my whole career off by paying my first beauty pageant fee.  She put $10K in my hand and told me to go to LA and go for it.  Oh see, I had a pretty good modeling career going on back in Michigan. Pageants led to modeling.  Modeling led to a little bit of acting.  By a miracle I was able to get a Kmart/Martha Stewart filming gig that missing my life in l.a.finally made me SAG Eligible.  I couldn’t get out of there fast enough.  Bye-bye Michigan winters, hello sunshine state!  I don’t know if LA is “the sunshine State” but I do not care, that’s what it is for me.

I remember working the graveyard shift as an editor full-time.  At the same time, I was working part-time at David’s Bridal AND traveling as a model for the auto-show circuit.  I had to work nights so that I was able to audition for modeling and acting jobs during the day.  Seems like only yesterday I was pulling up to the Greyhound station in L.A.  Tip, if you can afford to fly, do it!  An almost 3-day trip on a Greyhound bus is NOT the way to travel!

I was wearing winter-type clothing while everyone at the bus station was in shorts in October.  I remember being missing my life in los angelesenamored by the bright sunshine and especially the palm trees.  Even to this day when I look at the palm trees, I get the same euphoric feeling.  I LOVE LA!  Wow, was that really October of 1996?  I swear that I went to bed at age 25 last night and woke up 45 this morning!  Does anybody else feel that way?? What is happening??  I really miss my life in Los Angeles.

Missing Life in Los Angeles

I hope to move back to LA soon.  Came to Arizona just a little over 2 years ago for just a visit.  Wasn’t supposed to be a “move” but things happen, and you just go with the flow. I want to move back to Redondo Beach.  I have lived in Carson (love it), Inglewood (it was ok) and San Pedro off the harbor (LOVED it too).  But Redondo Beach far and away is my absolute favorite place to be.  I love the view of the ocean (who doesn’t right?) and watching dolphins leap out of the water.  Everybody should experience ocean-front or ocean-view living at some point in their life.

I would sit in my apartment and watch movies.  I would have fun playing that dancing game on Wii (all by myself), that was part of my fitness routine.  And guess what, it was working!  I would be in the loft on my elliptical machine watching and using Beyonce music video’s as my motivation.  I would enjoy a little drink of some pink Moscato on my balcony.  Invite a friend over sometimes just to hang out.  Writing this is really making me miss life in Los Angeles.

Life Was Good


missing my life in l.a.My apartment while in Redondo Beach was a 1 bedroom with a loft.  The apartments are known as the “Crystal Cove Waterfront Apartments.”  I was in one of the units right above that roof (a restaurant is part of the structure of the apartments).  The bedroom was for guests and my bedroom was the loft. There’s a vanity sink in the loft as well as a ½ bathroom and a decent size closet.  It was pretty cool.

When upstairs in the loft, because the ocean was like right there, it was as if you were onmissing my life in los angeles a boat.  There was an unobstructed view of the water from up there.  Such a straight on view you really could get the feeling of “sea sickness” up there.  REALLY!

Personal Touches

Decorating my apartments is always so much fun.  I LOVE decorating.  I went with all white leather furniture (no kids so it’s ok).  But my accents were red and turquoise.  Those colors were on the pillows on the sofa.  As part of my décor there were these huge red and turquoise vases on either side of my fireplace.  Each vases filling was rocks and crystals of varying colors.  And then I put different color faux flowers and turquoise peacock feathers in each.  The flowers stood higher than the fireplace, so it was a pretty picture

I had hardwood floors installed in the living room instead of the carpet.  The kitchen and both baths had tile.  I like things that are easy to clean but I HATE vacuuming hence, the hardwood floor installation.  There was not much cleaning to do there so that was always nice.   If you want to breath new life and color into your home spaces, you will love the savings and mega selection at this mega online store.

I Will Make it Back

I am definitely one who does not take full advantage of all the things to do in L.A.  For sure, I am a homebody.  But it was always just being there.  Just saying “I live in L.A.” is so cool.  When I move back I am going to make a more conscious effort to get out more and enjoy L.A.  Sooo much to do there!

I miss every single one of my crazy friends (you know who you are “North Carson”).  My loud friends.  My hilarious friends (Theresa and Shay-Shay).  My sis Cheri.  My “moms” Lucille, Seslie and momma Nessa.  The strong friends like Vicki and her mom Maria.  My “love to see her face” friend Melanie G.  My stupid brother Larry.  My beautiful niece Savannah.  The loving Moore’s.  My “dads” like Roy and Brother Perry.  Beautiful married couple like the Curley’s and the Moore’s (both sets).  The secret ghetto friend with a heart of gold…Angie E.  My “just like me friend” Shelly. My hanging buddy Meriah.  My sweet girls, “Grandma Wilkes,” Cee Cee, Megan, Patricia. My baby girl Tay Tay (remember “I’m an IDIOT,” lol!) I wish I could name the entire Hall but I’m tired of typing now.  LOL!

I am missing life in Los Angeles but I am content however.  There is a roof over my head, clothes to put on my back and shoes to put on my feet.  Seeing my beautiful mother everyday is a blessing.  I get to spoil her to try and give back just a little of what she gave as a single parent to 4 children.  Little things like making her breakfast and lunch for work every day.  Making sure she has dinner at night.  So while I am missing life in Los Angeles I will just keep looking forward to the day when I get back home.

Well, that’s all for now.  Just reminiscing and missing my life in Los Angeles and wanted to share.  More to come.  Please come back.

True Unconditional Love

Yep, true unconditional love.  I know that my fellow animal lovers out there will not think my title is weird.  Hello everybody and thank you for visiting my site today.  You’ll continue to notice more personal posts on my home page than anything else.  I think it’s important to share a part of myself with my visitor’s so that perhaps we might become acquainted through sharing.  I am, and always have been, the quintessential open book.  Sounds cliché, but I do wear my heart on my sleeve.  I believe that animals give true unconditional love and we love them just the same.

A large part of my heart was a little guy I would lovingly call “momma’s boy.”  His name, Bear, my sweet Pomeranian.  The absolute joy of my days.  A pure-bred Pomeranian, but even if he had been a mutt-mix, that was of little importance.  He was my baby (even though he would not allow me to treat him like one, lol).  I remember having to move without him to California for a short time to get settled.  When it was time to “get custody” of momma’s boy, he was so brave, he took the plane all by himself.

He was none too happy when I picked him up from the airport.  He was happy to see me but I could tell that he did not appreciate being in a kennel in the luggage compartment for so long. He was looking at me like “you are pushing that true unconditional love” a little far. He went pretty much anywhere I went.  He LOVED to go “bye-bye!”  I would say “wanna go bye-bye with mommy” and his answer for yes was running in a circle.  He was the smartest, sweetest and most loving little guy.

I no longer have my boy.  He passed away about 9 years ago.  But I miss him just as much today as I did the day I had to say goodbye.  I will never forget walking into the Vet’s office with him but leaving without him.  As he laying on the table at the Vet, his look was one of sadness and sickness.  I was sure to tell him that he was always a good boy.  Not having him in the seat next to me was unbearable.  Walking back into my bedroom and seeing his empty cage tore me up.  Even seeing dog food at the market brought me to tears for months after.  His poor little kidney’s were failing and he was in pain.  Excuse me while I wipe the tears from eyes……………………………………………..

Sorry about that.  I can’t think about him for longer than a few minutes.   I still cry as hard today as I did the day he had to go to sleep. I’m STILL not over that heart-searing pain.  You can have true unconditional love for a pet because that’s how they love us.  I wish he was still here with me.  He would know instinctively when I was sad.  He would proceed toward me with caution and slowly stand up on the side of my bed.  He would look at me as if to say “it’s okay mom.”  I would then tell him to “come on” and he would jump up on the bed, give me kisses and then just lay by my side.

I see all of the things that they have now for pets and it makes me miss him even more.

true unconditional loveI would try to put him in dog clothing, but he HATED it! LoL!  He would have it all off before I could finish putting it on.  I wish I could have gotten him something like this…


Bear thought that he was so tough.  He would run up barking at any and everyone only to try and lick their feet.  I don’t know what it was about feet and toes, but he would try to go to town on them.  He was not a fan of baths and he absolutely was not a fan of taking pics.  The after bath pic below was taken only because I caught him completely off-guard.  The very next picture that I tried to take he hid his face under the towel!  He was so smart.  Strangely wonderful at times too.  He would hop like a rabbit sometimes; that was also his go to move when we were dancing.

True Unconditional Love

true unconditional loveMy dog was so special that he was able to turn my mother from a dog hater to a do lover.  She too experienced Bear’s true unconditional love.  She called Bear by the name she gave him which was “Bud.” He TOTALLY recognized that name and loved it.  She would tell people that he was her “grand-dog.” She sent him care packages and would talk to him over the phone.  When I would travel for my job as a spokesmodel for the International Auto Show Circuit she would keep him for me.  She said that he was always so happy to be with her for the first few days.  After a few days he would get sad and ask her “where’s my mom?”  (she spoke dog-language too, lol)

If you are an animal lover out there, I am your friend.  Please report any animal abuse. true unconditional love Cherish your “baby.”  They are so special.  I know that Bear has been gone for a long time now but I still can’t bring myself to get another pet.  Many people have said that that’s what I should do but I just couldn’t bear another loss (no pun intended).

Well, thank you for letting me share my heart with you.  I hope you’ll keep coming back.  Take good care of your precious pets.  Spoil them if you can.  Keep them free of fleas and heartworm.  Dress them in cute animal clothing (if they’ll let you) and always let them know how much you love them.

My sweet Bear will never be forgotten.  He was “momma’s boy.”

true unconditional love

Momma’s Boy